Hungarian Association of Spatial and Urban Developers



Hungarian Association of Regional Developers


Foundation of the Association

 Regional managers, graduated from the University of Miskolc, have had the idea of establishing a professional association that may serve as a forum for experts, working in the area of regional development, to solve their common problems. The Association is suitable for coordinating the joint activities of the qualified regional developers in the professional, scientific and public life.

 The emphatic expression of regional development experts’ opinion is crucial in the area of the regional development policy that is getting more important with the completion of the European integration process.

 Aims of the Association

 The Association is ready to welcome as a member any regional developer graduated from any higher education institution of this area, it is also ready to represent their interests and provide a forum for their professional opinions. As part of its activities, the Association also places a special emphasis on promoting the professional and social recognition of the regional developers. In order to reach this goal it organises conferences and re-trainings, furthermore, it provides assistance to developing domestic and international relationships.

 Operation of the Association

 The office-holders of the Association do their jobs on a social activity basis, without any honorarium or payment. The ordinary members of the Association contribute 1000 forints to the costs of the operation.

 Hungarian and foreign private persons and legal entities may be sponsoring members of the Association, who can support the activity of the Association with their contributions, with special regards to organising conferences, re-trainings and study-trips. In order to raise further funds, the association takes part in applying for project funds.

 The work of the Association is co-ordinated and controlled by the quarterly meeting Presidency, and the Monitoring Committee.